Stainless Steel Tanks

Inter Engineering - 10 Ltd has established itself as one of the stainless steel tank manufacturers on the Balkans market who can provide good quality products at competitive prices that can satisfy customers from range of different industries.

Our capabilities to design and fabricate stainless steel vessels are extensive. The pressure vessels are ranging from fully automated pilot bioreactors of 20l up to production units of 40m3 (40000l). In addition, Inter Engineering 10 Ltd can supply stainless steel storage tanks up to 150m3 that are fabricated in our workshop and erected at our customers’ facilities by our installation team.

With more than 30 years of experience, we have designed and manufactured stainless steel tanks and vessels for various applications and industries.


  • Fermenters, Bioreactors and Chemical Reactors - our stainless steel vessels and complete systems suit the unique requirements of our customers and can vary in their type depending on the product: bioreactors and fermenters, for bio based products, supporting biologically active environment or chemical reactors where chemical reactions take place. The fermenter or bioreactor can be designed in accordance with the high hygienic standards of the pharmaceutical (GMP) and food and drink industries. The chemical reactors can be used in carrying out a wide variety of chemical reactions including condensation, polymerization, esterification, etherification, hydrolysis, hydration, reduction, oxidation, hydrogenation etc.


  • Storage and Silos tanks – stainless steel storage tanks and silos vary greatly in design based on their application. Inter Engineering can design and fabricate both shop made stainless steel tanks and pre-fabricated storage tanks that are erected at the customer facilities. Our stainless steel vessels are widely used in range of industries such as food industry, animal feed industry, sanitary products manufacturing industry, petrochemical industry and application such as corn processing and beverage production. The stainless steel storage tanks find applications as buffer tanks, holding tanks, intermediary tanks, supply tanks, storage tanks for raw materials.  Additionally, the stainless steel tanks can have aseptic or CIP design if required by the customer.


  • Pressure vessels/tanks – our stainless steel pressure tanks are designed and fabricated according to EN 13445 standard. They are widely used in all process industries; examples include pressure reactors, autoclaves, oil refineries and petrochemical plants, storage vessels for liquefied gases such as ammonia, chlorine, and LPG (propane, butane). Designs can incorporate different types of jackets: conventional jackets, half-pipe coil jackets, internal heated coils.


  • Mixer tanks and homogenizers – at Inter Engineering – 10 Ltd, we strive to manufacture different types of high-quality homogenizers for various applications and industries. We have designed stainless steel mixing tanks for customers from the food and drink, chemical, cosmetic, mining and pharmaceutical industries. We are also experienced in designing and manufacturing of mixers specially used in the bulk material handling industry such as plough blenders and ribbon mixers.

Stainless steel tank with CIP system