Drying Systems


Drying is the process of water (or another solvent) removal from a product. Typically, there is a source of heat and an agent to remove the vapour produced by the process. The most important parameter, set in the very beginning of each project, is the desired end percentage of water/solvent remaining in the product. This determines the type of drying, temperature, heat input, agent quantity and other key parameters of the machine. 

Inter Engineering 10 designs and manufactures high quality drying systems which suit the unique requirements of our customers. A well designed drying system helps to increase the production capacity and decrease the overheads of our clients. Our drying systems are equipped with modern control systems and are designed to be robust, reliable, and in accordance to the hygienic standards in the pharmaceutical industry.

We have the know-how in drying different types of materials like mycelium that also applies to the variety of shapes it can be supplied form a previous process of the manufacturing – flakes, stripes, cubes, granules. Our dryers can also be designed for drying of irregular or non-standard items, including components of production lines during sanitary procedures.

We design every drying system according to the specific dry and moisture characteristics, and thermal sensitivity of the product. We use laboratory tests to identify all the products’ characteristics and design the best solution based on the results and the client’s process needs.


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