Melting Chambers

A melting unit with capacity of 450L and dimentions H1450/L1000/W1600

The melting chambers are a great solution for liquifying viscous raw materials. After the achieving the required temperature and viscosity, the product is pumped from the vessel and is deposited in to the next stage the production. The inside temperature which the chamber can generate and maintain is between 40˚С and 80˚С. The airflow of the vent(in this case) is up to 2500 square meters per hour. A typical melting unit, designed and manufactured by Inter Engineering 10 has the following components:

  • Stainless steel parts grade AISI 316L and AISI 304
  • Uninterrupted air flow
  • TouchScreen controller with programming options, able to memorize up to 25 working recipes with different temperatures and duration of the melting period for different products - able to memorize new or correct excisting recipes .
  • Sound and light alarming system with Internet connection
  • Heating reotan able to maintain temperatures up to +80°С
  • Able to maintain certain temperature levels for up to 48 hours
  • Automatic door blocking system during work mode
  • Mirror polished surface of all the parts coming into contact with the product - smoothness up to Ra<0,4µm
  • Design according to the regulations of cGMP Pharma
  • Designed according to the requirements of 21 CFR, part 11

This is how we do it
At Inter Engineering, we aim to identify your needs from your perspective. You’ll have the opportunity to be involved in the design process from the very beginning and will be kept in the loop with a regular report on the progress of your project. We operate a design review process for you to approve the concept and technical detail at multiple stages throughout the project to ensure that what we build fits your expectations, and your business.

For more complex equipment, we may construct a scaled prototype in order to conduct development and testing work. Using test samples, ideally of your product, we can optimize the parameters of the heating process to give the best results for your production line.

Our melting chambers are designed to be reliable with minimal maintenance. In Inter Engineering 10 we do not offer simply manufacturing. We offer the complete solution - design, manufacturing, software, installation, proper documentation for validation, training, and after-sales service and maintenance. Also we offer long-term warranty(if exploited correctly) with options for up to 2, 3 or 5 years. For more information do not hesitate to contact our Trade Department.